Wednesday, June 15, 2016

ACA Quick Start Your Kayak Kids Classes

Sioux Empire Paddlers will be hosting their first ever Kayaking for Kids Classes at Lake Alvin South Dakota. Your child will learn about water safety, life jacket safety, strokes, sweeps, draws, and anatomy of the kayak and paddle. We will have fun games to play while learning paddling skills and safety at the same time. Our class instructors are ACA (American Canoe Association) Level II Certified River Kayak Instructors with an up to date First Aid and CPR certification.

What: Kayak class for children. Life jackets, paddles, and kayaks will be provided

Time: 6pm to 8pm

Where: Lake Alvin public boat ramp on northwest side of lake.

Who: 5 students MAX, 7-13 year olds under 140lbs

Cost: $35.00 per student $25.00 if Sioux Empire Paddler Member

Students are recommend to have the following for class:

Parent or guardian along to sign insurance waiver

Students must be able to swim and feel comfortable getting wet

Clothes they feel comfortable getting in the water with

Extra clothes to change into after the class

Sun block

Plenty of Water

Please provide any allergies your child may have and if they require an Epipen to be close by

Click HERE to visit our website for scheduled classes!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Fitness Kayak Classes

Fitness Class:

Are you looking for  a way to stay active outside the gym during the warmer months? Do you have fitness goals you want to achieve and want to spend time on the water? Are you interested in building endurance to paddle longer distances, paddle faster, participate in a race or finish a race that you have been unable to finish? Sioux Empire Paddle Fitness classes are here to help meet your fitness goals AND have fun kayaking!

Kayaking is a great activity for recreation but it is also an excellent activity to use as a fitness activity whether one is trying to meet personal fitness goals or training for a kayak race. Our goal is to help individuals meet their fitness goals while promoting kayaking as an active lifestyle and having fun of course.

Courses can be scheduled as an individual or as a small group activity with friends, max of 5 individuals. Courses will be scheduled based on client availability so there is a great deal of flexibility for any schedule, weather permitting of course. If a course cannot occur as planned due to inclement weather, the course can be rescheduled. The length of a session is flexible from 1 hour or longer in duration.

Individual sessions will be focused on putting together a plan to meet individual goals whether it is improving fitness in general or learning how to train for long distance paddles or a race. Results and activities will be recorded for each session to measure progress and identify areas of growth and opportunity based on established goals. The first session will also consist of developing a personalized plan to assess current skills and establish goals.

Group sessions will be more activity based teaching fitness activities in a kayak suitable for any skill level and allow for friendly competition to help push one another. Groups can include up to 5 individuals.

Possible goals may include: Stability/balance training drills, interval training, speed and strength training, long distance/endurance training, cardio workouts, general nutrition options while kayaking, and/or learn new training techniques.

Individual non-ACA: starting at $35 
Individual ACA member: starting at $30
Group: Groups of 3 or more save $5 per person off individual rate. Arrangements for larger groups can be made if necessary.
**** Multiple session discounts can be discussed ****

Where:  Location is flexible based on client needs. Area lakes that will be suitable for courses include: Lake Vermillion, Lake Alvin, Wall Lake. River training can be discussed and will primarily be available for weekend sessions only.

When:  Please contact Braxton at to discuss availability to schedule  

What to Bring: Arrangements can be made for gear to be provided but clients should have their own equipment since part of the training will be to help individuals become more familiar with their own equipment including the following: kayak, PFD, paddle, water, GPS (not required but beneficial), food/fuel/water, proper paddling attire for conditions. If a boat, paddle and/or PFD need to be provided, please make such arrangements at time of scheduling session.

Sioux Empire Paddlers Tours/Guides

One of our ACA Certified Kayak Instructors is now offering tours and guide services. Would you like a guided tour down a local river or even a lake? Our instructor will build a personalized trip for you from anywhere between 3 hours and 4 day trips. Trips can be on the Big Sioux river or even the Missouri River. We plan trips to fit your needs and wants.

Do you want to learn how to kayak camp? These services will be provided in the trip. You can chose great hot meals or simple backpacking meals if you want to rough it.

We will provide equipment if needed and we have equipment for your kids to bring along on these adventures.

Tours start at $35.00 and go up based on you needs and wants for the trip. Discounts for Sioux Empire Paddlers Members available!

Please contact Will at for more information or to book your trip today.

2 Day Spooky Paddling Trip

Do you like getting spooked, want to know more about the surrounding history, learn paddling skill, or learn paddling camping skill? 

Well you are in luck! 

Our organization will be hosting an overnight paddling trips on the Big Sioux River past the Good Earth State Park, Gitchie Manitou Preservation, Klondike and other famous landmarks. On this trip you will hear about the history of the area and some spooky tails from several spots along the Big Sioux River.  Some stories might be real and some stories might be pushing the truth. You let us know!

Our guide will go over details of several stories while you paddle down the soothing Big Sioux River. You will then spend the night on the sandy river bank right in Gitchie Manitou Preservation. You will have the option to go hiking to check out the area and learn more about the history of the park. We will even provide you with an EMF Meter to help see if you can find any paranormal activity. Now if you make it through the night you will continue to paddle down the easy going Big Sioux River down to the old Klondike Dam. 

This trip we hope you learn some history about the area, hear some spooky stories (true or not, we will let you decide), learn paddling skills, and learn how to plan and do your own paddling camping trip.

We supply the following:
Haunting History Lesson
Guided Tour
Paddling education and safety
Three Meals
Cooking Gear and utensils
Kayaks and gear (limited availability)
Dry bags
Education on packing your kayak with overnight gear and planning trips

What you will need to bring:
Extra underwear (It is scary there at night!!)
Hygeine products
Sleeping bag
Extra clothes
Bug Spray
Hat (to help block the sun)
Other beverages other than water
Personal Belongings

$75 we provide kayak, paddle and lifejacket
$60 you provide kayak, paddle and lifejacket
$60 for current Sioux Empire Paddlers members 

For more information or to plan your trip today please email us at