Monday, April 11, 2016

Sioux Falls Whitewater Park name changed to Sioux Empire Paddlers

Hello All,

Our organization Sioux Empire Paddlers formerly known as Sioux Falls Whitewater Park has gone through a few changes. Our main focus is still on the whitewater park but we also provide paddling classes and membership outings/events.

We have changed our name to Sioux Empire Paddlers so we can cover the Sioux Falls South Dakota and surrounding towns for paddlers. We want to focus on all paddling not just whitewater paddling. We want our members to be paddlers from all different paddling genres.

The biggest reason for the name change was our Kayaking for Kids Program. We were receiving a lot of feedback from parents that didn’t want their kids learning in whitewater (which was not the case). To increase our Kayaking for Kids Program we wanted a name to attract everyone in the community.

Our board first voted on changing our name change and picked from several other name ideas. Once the name was picked, we reached out to our members for a majority vote. Obviously the majority vote was received.

If you have any questions about the changes please let us know but we are trying to make the transition smooth as possible.

We will also announce when our new website will be live at We hope the new site will have a more professional look give better updates on classes and updates on the whitewater park.

Want to become a member? You can visit our website to become a member -

Want to help donate funds for our paddling classes and education simply by purchasing on Amazon? Go to our web page, select any Amazon banner, start shopping, and checkout. Amazon will give a percentage of the sale to our organization with any purchase made on Amazon through our website!

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