Tuesday, April 26, 2016

What can you do to help our Kayaking Programs

Do you want different ways you can help our organization and establish kayaking classes and education? Below are a few ways you can help our organization raise funds for our Kayaking for Kids, Kayaking for Teens, Kayaking for Adults, Fishing Kayaking, and Fitness programs.

1.       Become a member!  HERE
a.       You will get updates on the park and club before the general public
b.      You get a Sioux falls Whitewater Park t shirt
c.       You get a Club decal
d.      Discounts on upcoming events 
e.      Free pool sessions (3-6 a year)($30-$60 value)
f.        Discounts at local stores with membership card (Coming June 2016!!)(endless value)
g.       A group to go out and paddle with or ask paddling questions
h.      Discounts on education
i.         River Clean ups
j.        $10 discount on single ACA membership and $20 off ACA family membership
k.       $25 for individual, $45 for family, $250.00 individual lifetime and $450.00 family lifetime
l.         Knowing you support the Whitewater Park!!
2.       Make regular purchases on Amazon
a.       Go to our website 
b.      Select Amazon Banner
c.       Shop for your items
d.      Add to Cart
e.      Complete Order
f.        Our organization receives 6-8% of your purchase when you go through our link. No extra cost to you and gives a better percentage then Amazon Smile ( .5%)
3.       Donate sporting goods or other rummage sale items
a.       Long as they are working order we will accept
b.      Our volunteers will sell those items to raise funds for our paddling programs
c.       We will provide you with a donation receipt for taxes (we are a nonprofit 501(c)3 with the federal government)
d.      Give you a chance to get rid of your old stuff that has been piling up in the garage or storage
4.       Donate funds
a.       Donations in monetary value can be written as a tax deduction
b.      We will provide you with a letter if over $250.00 or receipt if under $250.00
5.       Attend our events and outings
a.       Poker Paddler 6-11-16
b.      Bean Bag Tournament (coming soon)
c.       Regular paddle outings (bring a friend and get them signed up as a member)
d.      River Clean Ups (help us clean up the river
6.       Paddling Classes
a.       Sign up for paddling classes through us or Sioux Falls School District Community Education
b.      Tell friends and family about our classes
c.       Kids 8-13 classes currently offered (we supply all equipment. Recreational kayaks are sized for children)
d.      Fishing classes currently offered (groups of two or family time (parent fishing with child))
e.      Teens 13-18 and Adult classes (Coming Soon)
f.        Fitness/Ready for Racing classes (Coming Soon)
g.       Private classes
h.      We will have 6 certified instructors to help you achieve your skill goals
7.       Word of Mouth
a.       Like our Facebook Page and Twitter
b.      Share our pages on your profiles
c.       Join our Sioux Empire Paddlers group page
d.      Tell paddlers, friends and family about our group

We will add more as the list grows to help raise funds for our paddling classes and education programs. We are getting closer and closer. Please take the time to help us make this a reality.

Again, Thank you for all that have supported Sioux Empire Paddlers. I hope this encourages you to help us make our paddling classes and education come true.
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